Fields of Golden Sunflowers!!

As soon as I found out about the sunflower fields, I put it on my list to visit ASAP.  On Sunday, I checked the opening hours of Bogle Seeds Farm (Hamilton, Ontario), the directions & travel time.  I packed snacks, and as I am ready to leave for Hamilton, I do a final check on Bogle Seeds website.  “All photography of the sunflowers on the farm are not closed for the season!” flashed on the website.  Just like that, my dream of going to sunflower fields was shattered.  But then again, if there was one farm in Ontario, there must be another.  So I searched, and searched, and searched and then took a chance with Davis Farm & Feed.  I wasn’t really sure if there would be sunflowers, but I decided to go anyway.

As we got closer, I kept asking if there would be sunflowers or not.  We took a left turn, and nothing but green fields. Then we drove a little more, and only green fields.  Then we saw the farm, and behind it, a beautiful sea of yellow fields glowed in the sunshine. SUNFLOWERS!! SUNFLOWERS!! SUNFLOWERS!!



Sunflowers as far as you can see!! It is such a spectacular sight, a must visit!!

Tips & information:

  • Go early morning to avoid crowds (directions here)
  • $5 entrance fee per person
  • Free parking available on farm
  • Floor is uneven and sandy with twigs (better to wear closed toe comfortable shoes)
  • 30 – 40 minutes of walking around the sunflower fields
  • Lots and lots of bees
  • Wear a hat & lots of sunscreen (no shade around the fields)
  • Washrooms near the entrance
  • Take water/snacks
  • Very friendly & helpful staff

Will you be visiting? You must!!



Trip to the Falls!

Niagara Falls – connecting Ontario, Canada and New York, USA is made up for 3 waterfalls.

– Horseshoe Falls

niagara falls canada polka dots

– American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls

tulips niagara falls canada summer pink shoes pink purse

Niagara Falls was created approximately 1000 years ago with glacier activity.  Niagara falls produces the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth.  Every time I visit Niagara Falls, I feel a bit nostalgic.  Every time someone visited us from anywhere, we would take them to the falls, have a picnic, walk around, watch the fireworks, and have the most wonderful time.

A few of my favorite things to enjoy in Niagara Falls are:

– Walk around by the falls

jeans casual pink shoes denim jacket canada niagara falls

– Walk on Clifton Hill

Niagara falls ferris wheel clifton hill

– Ride the Ferris Wheel

– Lunch at Queen Victoria Place Restaurant (finger licking burgers)

queen victoria niagara fall burger summer

– Dinner at Antica Pizzeria & Ristorante


– Stay at Embassy Suites, Hilton, Marriott or any hotel that provides a falls-view room

(it makes a difference!)

niagara falls view canada pink shoes

Other fun activities:

– Journey Behind The Falls

– Hornblower Niagara Cruises

– Zipline to the falls

– Whirlpool Adventure Course

– Primal Swing

– Bungy Jump

– Skylon Tower

– Plan a day trip to Niagara-on-the-lake

So much to do! Such little time!!

Have you tried any of the above activities? Which is your favorite?

Have fun this summer!!

~ Jap

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