Fall is here!! All I hear is people visiting pumpkin patches, drinking pumpkin spice lattes,  and shopping for warm layers!! So, of course, I also need new fall clothes!! Right?! (Shh… just don’t tell Mr. Hubby!! :p)

Zara has been amazing with styles this year, and here are a few of my fall wish-list items!!

October 2017 Zara Wish-List

Cable-knit Sweater |Floral Dress | Pearl Suede Booties  | Embroidered Jacket | Gold Heel Booties |Stripped Knit Skirt | Pearl Sweater | Checked Skirt| Pearl Studded Top |



New York has always been the city of dreams!! NYC is filmed in so many movies, both Hollywood and Bollywood.  People all over the world dream about visiting New York and the famous landmarks.  Here are some of my favorites!!

1. BROOKLYN BRIDGE – It takes approximately half an hour to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The intricate details and large arches of this bridge are stunning! As you go over to Brooklyn, the view of NYC skyline is unforgettable. You can walk on the bridge or ride a bicycle. If you haven’t crossed the bridge, you’re missing out on the NYC views.

2. DUMBO – This is the area in Brooklyn that gives you the beautiful view of NYC’s skyline. It’s another few minutes of a walk once you’ve reached the Brooklyn side of the bridge (don’t worry, there’s signs that guide you to the Dumbo). Once you get to the Manhattan bridge, follow this street all the way to the end for the riverside walk towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

(The Manhattan bridge between two NYC buildings)

After this long trek, you’re probably hungry. There’s a SHAKE SHACK or GRIMALDI’s PIZZA right across from this view. The food is amazing at both of these restaurants. Try it out and let me know your thoughts!!

3. TIMES SQUARE – I’m sure you were wondering if I would mention the most famous area in NYC or not. Yes, of course!! Times Square is a must see (and probably every night) while in NYC. Once you’ve walked around on the streets, in and out of stores, grab a drink (or ice cream) and enjoy Times Square while sitting on the red staircase above the Broadway show ticket booth. You can see it all from there; crowds of people, line ups of yellow cabs, groups of performers, giant TV screens projecting all types of advertisements and all of the other hustle and bustle.

The red staircase is right underneath that Coca Cola screen!!

If you’re hungry, you can try out Olive Garden (which is behind the red stair case) or walk over to Shake Shack (can you tell I really love their burgers?!).

4. CENTRAL PARK – I absolutely love this park! I’ve loved it for ever since I could remember!! Gigantic is probably an underestimation to describe this park, so you can imagine how grand it is. There’s water fountains, boating, street vendors, music performers, dance performers, picnic areas, and so much more!! Take a stroll through this park, and you will feel so fresh!!

Once you walk out of the park (or into the park), stop by Wafels & Dinges cart for a delicious snack!! It’s at the corner closest to The Plaza Hotel.

I hope this helps with planning your NYC trip!!

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Hello!! Welcome to Jap’s Sparkle!!

My name is Jap!! I’ve always had a passion for pictures.  Pictures of beautiful scenery, delicious food, fancy outfits, and general everyday life! If you know me, I’ve either forced you to take a few pictures with me, or a picture (or 2, or 3, or 4, or more) of me!

Jap’s Sparkle is my platform to share pictures of everyday fashion, fun events, and exciting adventures!!

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Bridal shower 

Wedding season has begun!! It’s time to wear fancy outfits, eat loads of delicious food, dance with family, laugh with friends and devour sweet desserts!!

One of my friend is getting married this summer and I had the chance to attend her Kate Spade inspired bridal shower. I love it when the bridal showers are geared towards the Bride’s personality, in this case, bright, bold, bubbly and fun!!

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Denim on Denim 

A denim jacket is the perfect accessory to your denim jeans and a casual top.  It’s always a challenge being comfortable and chic while traveling.  We walked a lot in Vancouver city around the harbor where I saw the pixel whale and had dinner at cactus club while watching a beautiful sunset. We also walked through Gas town.  Several cute boutique stores and restaurants set a European vibe in this town along with the cobble stone roads.  I also saw the famous steam clock here.

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