Spring Blush

The weather seems to be getting nicer and I’ve stored away my winter Parka!!  Good thing I purchased this blush pink coat from Banana Republic.  It’s warm, the perfect length and the most beautiful blush pink.  A wool coat is a must in your closet and here’s mine.


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Making 2018 Sparkle!!

New year, new beginnings!! Did you make a new year’s resolution this year? I didn’t! I made a little promise to myself to improve on anything I wanted to improve. Here’s to 2018, and I’m starting with getting things done!!

I have a million ideas running through my head, and then I’ll pick up my phone to either message someone or research something. Instead, I end up catching up on my Whatsapp messages or spending hours on Instagram.  And there we go, I’ve lost the idea and totally forgot the reason for picking up my phone.

In 2018, I’m trying the following ways to avoid intentional/unintentional procrastination:

1. Lights, Camera, Action: Write down (old school, I know! You can type it up!) your goal, and the ACTION required to accomplish the goal. Main focus is the ACTION.  What steps do you need to take in order to achieve your goal? How do you get started? What’s the first step you need to take?


2. Get On With It: Determine the first step, and actually get started. I’ve read this quote “just get started” in so many places.  I wanted to start my blogging journey many many many years ago, but I always “couldn’t find the right time…”.  All I had to do was get started, and just go with the flow. So one day, I posted a picture on Instagram, drafted a website, and here I am today sharing my passion for fashion and photography!!


3. Distraction, who?!: Figure out your distraction and eliminate it.  Turn off the TV, put your phone far away and concentrate on your task. It may be tough at first, but you will accomplish your task with efficiency and excellence.  I always put my phone at a walking distance when I am trying to accomplish my tasks.  This helps me stay focused, and the phone is too far to reach.

Brooklyn Bridge denim addidas

4. Details, Details, Details: Be specific about your steps.  Instead of “I will write a blog post today!”, turn it into “I will write a blog post today at 9 AM about Accomplishing Tasks and post it by noon.”  The more details you add to your tasks, the easier it will be to accomplish them.

nyc empire state building blue skirt bell sleeves

5. Magical Moment: Are you a morning person? Or do you work best after lunch? (All I can think about is food!) Or do you work best at night when the rest of the world is dreaming? What is your magical time? Work during those hours to get the right results!!


Leave me a comment and let me know your tricks for accomplishing your goals!!


Cheers to 2018 and making this year sparkle even more than the previous!!

Wishing you a wonderful 2018!! Happy New Year!!

Black on Black

Happy Weekend!! I hope you’re staying warm, watching loads of movies, and relaxing.  We’re hosting a few people, so I ran out to get some desserts!! Love desserts!! This Merino Wool mock neck from Gap has been one of my favorite sweaters this winter.  It’s so warm, comfy, and easy to style with denim.  Just throw on a scarf around your neck, and you’re all ready for your day!!


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Holiday Pleats

It has been a non-stop week of parties, and holiday dinners.  It really is the best time of the year.  I wore this red pleated skirt with a black sweater for the next holiday dinner.  Pleated skirts have always been on my favourites list.  Also, this black sweater with a little sparkle makes it the perfect holiday outfit. Fun, Classy & Elegant!!


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Unique Gift Ideas

Online shopping! Going to malls! Asking loved ones for their wish-lists! Holiday shopping is an on-going process!!

Picking out gifts was such an easy task: pajamas, clothes, books, electronics, makeup, etc.  I’m finding it tough to buy gifts now because everyone has enough pajamas, kindles, tablets, and makeup.  I found some great ideas from The Toronto Star, and added some of my own interesting ideas:

  1. Relax with a Massage: Great way to relax and spend time together. Toronto has so many wonderful spa’s that offer their very own unique services.
    • Spas: Body Blitz (Women only), Elmwood Spa, Stillwater Spa (Park Hyatt), Hammam Spa (Turkish baths), Spa My Blend (Ritz Cartlon)
  2. Book a Getaway: Go with your partner, best friends, parents, or anyone else.
    • Resorts: Blue Mountain, JW Muskoka, Hockley Valley, White Oaks Resort & Spa
  3. Let’s go to the Movies: Everything is easily accessible on Netflix now, but taking that time to go out to watch a movie and spending those few hours with your special someone will be something special.
  4. Take the TrainViarail has really unique routes that you can explore.  No one has to worry about driving, and you’ll get to explore beautiful Canada. The skyline car offers panoramic views while you enjoy your meals.  Click here to see the skyline car.
  5. Invest in LearningMaybe someone you know has been wanting to learn cooking, make-up, photography, skating, etc.  Buy them the present of learning and helping them invest in their future.
  6. Paint the Night: This is such an awesome experience, you’ll get to paint, drink and then take your painting home.  There are a lot of places offering this service. Click here to search. 
  7. Trampoline ParkYou’ll get a workout and have a fun group event.  Add in a little secret Santa game, with a dinner afterwards.  Click here to visit one location.
  8. Gingerbread House Party:  Arrange a potluck and a gingerbread decoration contest.  Include prizes, get together, and get creative.

It’s all about investing in experiences.  You can look back at memories from these experiences and smile!!

Here are links to a few other gift guides:

Keep sparkling!!

Velvet Crush

It was love at first sight with this velvet ruffle skirt!! The luxe fabric, and fun ruffles are absolutely perfect for this time of the year!! I wore this outfit to a baby shower a few weeks ago, and received so many compliments on this skirt.  I also plan on wearing a sequin top with this skirt for a holiday party!!

velvet ruffle skirt red shoes red sweater red top

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