A Very Good Morning!

A bunch of us were hanging out and the question about “What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?” came up!!  A lot of people responded with “Check my phone!” or “Check my Instagram!! Obvi, what else would you do?!”

I don’t! Shocked?! Yup, that’s exactly how everyone else reacted! If I were to check my phone the first thing in the morning, I would be on my phone for a very long time, and probably not get out bed for the rest of the day! And there is no time to sleep-in when you’re trying to accomplish a million tasks in a day!! Here a few ways I learned to have an energized morning and a productive day:

Gratitude – set the tone for the day first thing in the morning with a little gratitude list in your head of all the wonderful things in your life!

Water – drink water (cold or warm with lemon) early in the morning to hydrate your body and skin for a fresher glow!

Workout – release those endorphins into your body early in the morning to trigger a positive attitude for the rest of the day!

Breakfast – eat a good breakfast filled with all the goodness to fuel your body for an energized day!

Prepare – decide on your breakfast, pick your outfit, pack your lunch, make a to-do list the night before to save decision making early in the morning! This will save you time in the morning, you won’t be running around looking for stuff or changing in and out of outfits, or trying to remember all the items to pack for lunch!! It’ll be an easy breezy smooth morning!!

Bed Sheets – sleep on comfortable bed sheets!! This makes all the difference in getting your beauty sleep.  I purchased the Bamboo Rayon bed sheets a few months ago, and absolutely LOVE them (not kidding at all!).  This is  honestly the softest and comfiest bed sheet set I’ve EVER owned.  Click the link below for more information!

How do you start your morning? Share your secrets in the comments below!!

Have a wonderful day!!


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