Pin Wheels!!

It’s mid December, where did this year go?!

And now, it’s time to get ready for the holidays.  To be honest, I’ve already hosted a few of my dinner parties and completed all of my holiday shopping (presents for others, not for myself!! haha!)

I love getting creative for the holidays! Here is one of the snack items from my recent dinner party!!

Pin Wheels – they are super easy, and super hit with the guests!!


  • Spinach Tortilla Wraps
  • Roasted Red Pepper Tortilla Wraps
  • Hummus (your favorite type!)
  • Cream Cheese (your choice, I used herbs and garlic)
  • Cling Wrap

**Tip: You can limit to only cream cheese or only hummus wraps as well. They taste equally delicious with one spread as well!

Instructions (so easy, you will laugh!):

  1. Spread hummus on spinach tortilla wrap
  2. Layer with roasted red pepper tortilla wrap
  3. Spread hummus/cream cheese on this tortilla wrap
  4. Layer with spinach tortilla wrap
  5. Roll all this 3 layer concoction into a log
  6. Seal with cling wrap and freeze over night


  1. Thaw for 15 minutes at room temperature
  2. Unwrap the “wrap-log”
  3. Cut into 1″ slices
  4. Arrange in a platter & serve!! 

Okay, so how easy was that?!

And they are totally Instagram worthy!!


Happy Holidays!! 


Holiday Magic in NYC!!

New York, concrete jungle
Where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York
New York, New York

~ Jay-z & Alicia Keys

I absolutely love visiting NYC!! And seriously, who doesn’t?! 

Whether it’s  in Spring to see the beautiful cherry blossoms at Central Park, in Summer for a cruise around Manhattan Island, Autumn for all the thanksgiving vibes or Winter for the sparkle of holiday season (or because you watched Home Alone way too many times, and really needed to see the tree at Rockefeller Center!!  Thanks a lot Home Alone and every other holiday movie!!) 

Christmas in NYC was sort of an impromptu trip but one of the best ever! 

Sleepy Nights!! 

We stayed at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side, an award winning hotel offering amazing views of Manhattan skyline, spacious clean rooms, a rooftop pool, & a vibrant bar (Mr. Purple!).  My favorite part was the lobby on the 4th floor with a lounge and floor-to-ceiling windows! After a day of exploring, we would all change into our comfortable clothes and meet in the lounge for the after party/get-together!! 

Restaurants near the hotel: 

  • Clinton St. Baking Company (Best pancakes!!)
  • Beauty & Essex (Delicious food!)
  • Benson’s NYC (Burgers & Fries!)
  • Lil’ Frankie’s (Pizza!! Pizza!! Pizza!!)
  • Vandal (OMG!! Ahhh-mazing food & atmosphere!)
  • Lombardi’s (Pizzaaaaa!!)
  • Doughnut Plant (Yum!!!)
  • Cha Cha Matcha (Green Tee everything!!)
  • Nolita (Pink everything!)
  • Dudley’s (So good!!)
  • Souvlaki GR (Greek food!!)

If you stay in Lower East Side, you will not have a problem finding coffee shops, or restaurants!! Trust Me!!

Magical Adventures!! 

Here is a list of top attractions to visit during the Holiday season, but seriously, don’t be limited by these options!! New York is amazing all over, all the time!! 

  • Rockefeller Center: You can feel the magic as soon as you approach this area; holiday music, beautiful window displays, happy tourists, & the TREE!! All of the buildings in this area are gorgeously decorated with holiday decor.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: The best & most magical light-show in the city!! Go here at night to see a spectacular music & light show! It get’s really crowded, so go earlier, walk around 5th Ave. and then catch the show!! 
  • Bryant Park Market: You will find a skating rink, gift shops, & lots of restaurants here. Shop for some very unique gifts for your family & friends at this market. 
  • The Oculus: The new train station that looks like a dove in flight now replaces the PATH train station destroyed during 9/11. It’s a must visit!! Once you’re done, walk straight into Century 21 and finish your holiday shopping!! 
  • Three World Financial Center: Palm Trees, in NYC? Yes, that’s right, palm trees!! Enjoy a beautiful light show while sitting underneath palm trees and devouring your favorite Sprinkles Cupcakes!! And of course, finish up some of that luxury shopping!!
  • Brooklyn Bridge: A stroll on this bridge is a must! It’s beautifully lit at night, and when you look back at the beautiful skyline of NYC shining bright, you will fall in love with NYC all over again!! 
  • Central Park: Maybe you’re interested in skating, enjoying a romantic horse & carriage ride or strolling through the park to enjoy it’s beauty in winter.  You’ll be thirsty and/or hungry after walking around in Central Park, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  The Park Plaza Food Court is right across from the park, so head straight in there, and get yourself a drink, a few snacks and relax!! 
  • Cartier Building: Last year it was wrapped in a beautiful bow and I am excited to see the decor this year! You can also do a little shopping on 5th Ave!! Shopping seems to be the running theme here, even though this blog is suppose to be about holiday decor in NYC!! 
  • Time Square: You know you have to go to here. I mean, did you even go to NYC if you didn’t take a picture at Times Square!?! Amiright?!
  • Igloo Bar – 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar: This was one of my favorites!! You must visit the igloos if you’re in NYC during winter!! You can hang out in heated igloos, drink holiday beverages, & enjoy stunning views of the Empire State Building!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!! So, just book your ticket right now, and go!! An experience not to be missed!!

Wining & Dining! 

We can’t forget about the food in NYC!! Ah, the food!! There are so many wonderful restaurants, but here are a few I love!! 

  • Vandal
  • Cha Cha Matcha
  • Benson’s NYC
  • Wolfnights
  • Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Carlo’s Bakery
  • Pepe Rosso Social
  • 230 Fifth’s Rooftop Igloos
  • Jacke’s Wife Freda
  • Waffles & Dings
  • Ferrara Bakery
  • El Luchador 
  • Shake Shack
  • Sprinkles Cupckaes
  • Doughnut Planet

If you’d like to catch more of the stories from my NYC holiday trip, check out the highlights on my Instagram page.  Click on “New York” and after watching these stories, you will want to go to NYC asap!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know if you have any other recommendations in the comments!! I would love to hear from you! 

Spring Blush

The weather seems to be getting nicer and I’ve stored away my winter Parka!!  Good thing I purchased this blush pink coat from Banana Republic.  It’s warm, the perfect length and the most beautiful blush pink.  A wool coat is a must in your closet and here’s mine.


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Red & Roses

A red and pink combination works well with my South Asian outfits.  So, I went out and tried it with my dress, and I absolutely love it.  What do you think?

Valentines is just around the corner!! Are you planning this year, or waiting for a surprise from your significant other?  The lines up at bakery & chocolate shops will be around the corner.  Last year Prairie Girl Cupcakes packed special cupcakes with balloons for all valentine’s day orders.  Godiva offered special chocolate packages.  Flower shops will be filled (or emptied out by the end of day) with gorgeous and fresh bouquets.  Restaurants will have special menus for valentines.  Love will be in the air!!

Some people don’t think valentine’s day is a big deal, and some people think it’s the biggest day to declare your love.  I think it’s a great excuse to dress up, spend quality time together, and express your gratitude and love.  It’s a darling time!! So, here’s a lovely outfit for love day!!


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Holiday Pleats

It has been a non-stop week of parties, and holiday dinners.  It really is the best time of the year.  I wore this red pleated skirt with a black sweater for the next holiday dinner.  Pleated skirts have always been on my favourites list.  Also, this black sweater with a little sparkle makes it the perfect holiday outfit. Fun, Classy & Elegant!!


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Unique Gift Ideas

Online shopping! Going to malls! Asking loved ones for their wish-lists! Holiday shopping is an on-going process!!

Picking out gifts was such an easy task: pajamas, clothes, books, electronics, makeup, etc.  I’m finding it tough to buy gifts now because everyone has enough pajamas, kindles, tablets, and makeup.  I found some great ideas from The Toronto Star, and added some of my own interesting ideas:

  1. Relax with a Massage: Great way to relax and spend time together. Toronto has so many wonderful spa’s that offer their very own unique services.
    • Spas: Body Blitz (Women only), Elmwood Spa, Stillwater Spa (Park Hyatt), Hammam Spa (Turkish baths), Spa My Blend (Ritz Cartlon)
  2. Book a Getaway: Go with your partner, best friends, parents, or anyone else.
    • Resorts: Blue Mountain, JW Muskoka, Hockley Valley, White Oaks Resort & Spa
  3. Let’s go to the Movies: Everything is easily accessible on Netflix now, but taking that time to go out to watch a movie and spending those few hours with your special someone will be something special.
  4. Take the TrainViarail has really unique routes that you can explore.  No one has to worry about driving, and you’ll get to explore beautiful Canada. The skyline car offers panoramic views while you enjoy your meals.  Click here to see the skyline car.
  5. Invest in LearningMaybe someone you know has been wanting to learn cooking, make-up, photography, skating, etc.  Buy them the present of learning and helping them invest in their future.
  6. Paint the Night: This is such an awesome experience, you’ll get to paint, drink and then take your painting home.  There are a lot of places offering this service. Click here to search. 
  7. Trampoline ParkYou’ll get a workout and have a fun group event.  Add in a little secret Santa game, with a dinner afterwards.  Click here to visit one location.
  8. Gingerbread House Party:  Arrange a potluck and a gingerbread decoration contest.  Include prizes, get together, and get creative.

It’s all about investing in experiences.  You can look back at memories from these experiences and smile!!

Here are links to a few other gift guides:

Keep sparkling!!