Pin Wheels!!

It’s mid December, where did this year go?!

And now, it’s time to get ready for the holidays.  To be honest, I’ve already hosted a few of my dinner parties and completed all of my holiday shopping (presents for others, not for myself!! haha!)

I love getting creative for the holidays! Here is one of the snack items from my recent dinner party!!

Pin Wheels – they are super easy, and super hit with the guests!!


  • Spinach Tortilla Wraps
  • Roasted Red Pepper Tortilla Wraps
  • Hummus (your favorite type!)
  • Cream Cheese (your choice, I used herbs and garlic)
  • Cling Wrap

**Tip: You can limit to only cream cheese or only hummus wraps as well. They taste equally delicious with one spread as well!

Instructions (so easy, you will laugh!):

  1. Spread hummus on spinach tortilla wrap
  2. Layer with roasted red pepper tortilla wrap
  3. Spread hummus/cream cheese on this tortilla wrap
  4. Layer with spinach tortilla wrap
  5. Roll all this 3 layer concoction into a log
  6. Seal with cling wrap and freeze over night


  1. Thaw for 15 minutes at room temperature
  2. Unwrap the “wrap-log”
  3. Cut into 1″ slices
  4. Arrange in a platter & serve!! 

Okay, so how easy was that?!

And they are totally Instagram worthy!!


Happy Holidays!! 



Mykonos – the fun filled, beautiful beaches and good food island!! You can see the whole island in a day or two, but it would be great to spend another day here. So I recommend 3 days in Mykonos.


We arrived in Mykonos from Santorini in a fast ferry – FlyingCat 4.  It only took 2 hours & 35 minutes, but it also caused some sea-sickness.  As soon as we arrived, everything was flying away – our hats, hair, dresses, and we realized it was going to be a very windy trip!!

July and August is peak season for high winds in Mykonos.  Other months are calmer.

We stayed at a hotel very close to the Mykonos ferry port – a short ATV drive from Mykonos Town Centre.  From here, at night we can see the sparkling lights of mykonos town.

Euro2011 - iphone 009-01.jpeg

View from our hotel looking at Mykonos Town and Sea.

As soon as we landed, we were ready to check-in, jump into the pool and enjoy the beautiful views.  To capture the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, I obviously brought my camera with me.  Remember I said Mykonos was very windy; I put my camera on my towel, and my towel on a pool chair.  The wind blew, the towel flew, and along went my camera directly into the pool.  That’s right, into the pool.  We pulled it out right away, took out the battery and the memory card for it all to dry.  But my camera did not work.  Yup, that’s right, my camera was destroyed.  First day in Mykonos, half way through my Euro Tour, and my camera gone. We had a few phones to take pictures, however, the quality is not the same. Nonetheless, it turned out be an amazing trip.

Day 1: Rent ATVs and Windmills of Kato Mili

After the camera fiasco, it was time to have fun!! We got ready, picked up our ATVs and drove directly to Mykonos Town.  The sweet wind flew through my hair as we drove along the curvy coast of the glistening Aegean Sea.


We had dinner in little Italy and then walked to the Windmills of Kato Mili to watch the beautiful sunset.


Fun fact: Some scenes from bollywood movie (Chalte Chalte) were filmed here.
Day 2: Drive to Paradise Beach for the day/Cavo Paradise for the evening

The parties start early in Mykonos – start your day off by going to Paradise Beach.  Then drive to Cavo Paradise to continue partying.


If you want to relax (instead of partying), drive to Paraga, Agia Anna beach, or Fokos Bay.

After all the beach parties, we went back to out hotel to get ready for dinner in Mykonos Town.  The town is so lively at night.  We had dinner, and then got ice cream for our walk around the Town.

Day 3: Explore the Island on your ATV & Mykonos Town

We went to Mykonos Town for breakfast.  After breakfast, we walked through the narrow cobble stone streets looking at beautiful pink flowers, white buildings and colorful doors.  we also did some shopping at cute boutiques.




In the afternoon, we explored the island on our ATVs before flying out.  We went to some of the highest cliffs in Mykonos, and the views were so stunning.

Euro2011 - iphone 015-01.jpeg

What to wear:

Click image to shop



  • Wear your helmet on the ATV
  • Eat lots of Gyros and souvlaki
  • Have gelato from Ninnolo
  • Look for Mr. Petros (Mykonos official Bird – Pelican)
  • Have dinner at Scorpios Mykonos
  • Regular Taxis are available from Mykonos Town
  • Keep cash for convenience
  • Catch a movie under the stars in an open air cinema

Have loads of fun!! 

PS: A special thank you to my brother for giving me some of his pictures from his recent trip to Mykonos.

Summer Salad

BBQ Season is here!! This means lots of burgers, roasted veggies and summer salads! Here is one of my favorites!!





Balsamic Vinaigrette

Easy peasy!! Enjoy your BBQ’s!!

I also added a link to BBQ heat plates that you may need to replace.  I’ve had to replace these on my BBQ.

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