Mykonos – the fun filled, beautiful beaches and good food island!! You can see the whole island in a day or two, but it would be great to spend another day here. So I recommend 3 days in Mykonos.


We arrived in Mykonos from Santorini in a fast ferry – FlyingCat 4.  It only took 2 hours & 35 minutes, but it also caused some sea-sickness.  As soon as we arrived, everything was flying away – our hats, hair, dresses, and we realized it was going to be a very windy trip!!

July and August is peak season for high winds in Mykonos.  Other months are calmer.

We stayed at a hotel very close to the Mykonos ferry port – a short ATV drive from Mykonos Town Centre.  From here, at night we can see the sparkling lights of mykonos town.

Euro2011 - iphone 009-01.jpeg

View from our hotel looking at Mykonos Town and Sea.

As soon as we landed, we were ready to check-in, jump into the pool and enjoy the beautiful views.  To capture the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, I obviously brought my camera with me.  Remember I said Mykonos was very windy; I put my camera on my towel, and my towel on a pool chair.  The wind blew, the towel flew, and along went my camera directly into the pool.  That’s right, into the pool.  We pulled it out right away, took out the battery and the memory card for it all to dry.  But my camera did not work.  Yup, that’s right, my camera was destroyed.  First day in Mykonos, half way through my Euro Tour, and my camera gone. We had a few phones to take pictures, however, the quality is not the same. Nonetheless, it turned out be an amazing trip.

Day 1: Rent ATVs and Windmills of Kato Mili

After the camera fiasco, it was time to have fun!! We got ready, picked up our ATVs and drove directly to Mykonos Town.  The sweet wind flew through my hair as we drove along the curvy coast of the glistening Aegean Sea.


We had dinner in little Italy and then walked to the Windmills of Kato Mili to watch the beautiful sunset.


Fun fact: Some scenes from bollywood movie (Chalte Chalte) were filmed here.
Day 2: Drive to Paradise Beach for the day/Cavo Paradise for the evening

The parties start early in Mykonos – start your day off by going to Paradise Beach.  Then drive to Cavo Paradise to continue partying.


If you want to relax (instead of partying), drive to Paraga, Agia Anna beach, or Fokos Bay.

After all the beach parties, we went back to out hotel to get ready for dinner in Mykonos Town.  The town is so lively at night.  We had dinner, and then got ice cream for our walk around the Town.

Day 3: Explore the Island on your ATV & Mykonos Town

We went to Mykonos Town for breakfast.  After breakfast, we walked through the narrow cobble stone streets looking at beautiful pink flowers, white buildings and colorful doors.  we also did some shopping at cute boutiques.




In the afternoon, we explored the island on our ATVs before flying out.  We went to some of the highest cliffs in Mykonos, and the views were so stunning.

Euro2011 - iphone 015-01.jpeg

What to wear:

Click image to shop



  • Wear your helmet on the ATV
  • Eat lots of Gyros and souvlaki
  • Have gelato from Ninnolo
  • Look for Mr. Petros (Mykonos official Bird – Pelican)
  • Have dinner at Scorpios Mykonos
  • Regular Taxis are available from Mykonos Town
  • Keep cash for convenience
  • Catch a movie under the stars in an open air cinema

Have loads of fun!! 

PS: A special thank you to my brother for giving me some of his pictures from his recent trip to Mykonos.


Fields of Golden Sunflowers!!

As soon as I found out about the sunflower fields, I put it on my list to visit ASAP.  On Sunday, I checked the opening hours of Bogle Seeds Farm (Hamilton, Ontario), the directions & travel time.  I packed snacks, and as I am ready to leave for Hamilton, I do a final check on Bogle Seeds website.  “All photography of the sunflowers on the farm are not closed for the season!” flashed on the website.  Just like that, my dream of going to sunflower fields was shattered.  But then again, if there was one farm in Ontario, there must be another.  So I searched, and searched, and searched and then took a chance with Davis Farm & Feed.  I wasn’t really sure if there would be sunflowers, but I decided to go anyway.

As we got closer, I kept asking if there would be sunflowers or not.  We took a left turn, and nothing but green fields. Then we drove a little more, and only green fields.  Then we saw the farm, and behind it, a beautiful sea of yellow fields glowed in the sunshine. SUNFLOWERS!! SUNFLOWERS!! SUNFLOWERS!!



Sunflowers as far as you can see!! It is such a spectacular sight, a must visit!!

Tips & information:

  • Go early morning to avoid crowds (directions here)
  • $5 entrance fee per person
  • Free parking available on farm
  • Floor is uneven and sandy with twigs (better to wear closed toe comfortable shoes)
  • 30 – 40 minutes of walking around the sunflower fields
  • Lots and lots of bees
  • Wear a hat & lots of sunscreen (no shade around the fields)
  • Washrooms near the entrance
  • Take water/snacks
  • Very friendly & helpful staff

Will you be visiting? You must!!


Favorite Summer Products

Recently I heard about some awesome products for summer, and wanted to share them with you.  We are half-way through summer, and that just means more time for the beach and outdoors.  Take in all the vitamin D in the next few weeks, because we all know our Canadian winter weather. (*shrugs*)

 1. Sensitive Skin: CeraVe Am Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

This face moisturizer is great for sensitive skin.  I’ve used this personally for many years, and it works well.  It’s non-greasy, very light, and works well under makeup.  This product is filled with MVE technology and 3 essential ceramides to nourish and protect your skin.  Listed for $13.97 at Walmart – shop via link.

 2. Foundation: Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation SPF 30 Twist Brush

We all know what happens once we’ve added moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and other layers of makeup in the summer.  In order to avoid that disaster, try this foundation that is already loaded with SPF 30.  It’s water and sweat resistant, dermatologist approved, zero parabens and includes vitamin E.  Listed for $54.89 at Anthropologie – shop via link.

3. BB Cream: M.A.C Prep and Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

My friend is always telling me to invest in a BB Cream, and honestly, she has the most gorgeous skin.  The MAC BB cream is loaded with SPF 35.  It’s a great primer for everyday use while providing protection from UV rays.  Listed for $38 at The Bay – shop via link.

4. Lip Balms: Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash Broad Spectrum SPF30 

Often times we forget that our lips need sun protection as well! I absolutely love Shiseido products, and this one is great for lip protection.  It comes in 4 different shades, protects against UV damage, and easy to use.  Listed for $30 at Shoppers Drug Mart – shop via link.

5. Setting Spray: COOLA Organic Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30

Setting sprays are so popular right now.  All make-up artists recommend them if you’re wearing make-up for a long time.  It keeps your make-up in place, and this one also adds UV protection with SPF 30.  Listed for $49 at Sephora – shop via link.

6. Hair Spray: Alterna Haircare ALTERNA Haircare – Bamboo Beach Sunshine Spray

We always apply sunscreen to our face, body and lips – what about our hair?  That’s right, this hair spray protects your hair from UV.  It’s loaded with organic bamboo extracts, Tahitian coconut, & Sunflower Seed Oil.  Listed for $29 at Sephora – shop via link.

Let me know your thoughts about these products and if you recommend any others.

Enjoy your summer!!

**Disclaimer: Prices and products may change over-time.

Trip to the Falls!

Niagara Falls – connecting Ontario, Canada and New York, USA is made up for 3 waterfalls.

– Horseshoe Falls

niagara falls canada polka dots

– American Falls & Bridal Veil Falls

tulips niagara falls canada summer pink shoes pink purse

Niagara Falls was created approximately 1000 years ago with glacier activity.  Niagara falls produces the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth.  Every time I visit Niagara Falls, I feel a bit nostalgic.  Every time someone visited us from anywhere, we would take them to the falls, have a picnic, walk around, watch the fireworks, and have the most wonderful time.

A few of my favorite things to enjoy in Niagara Falls are:

– Walk around by the falls

jeans casual pink shoes denim jacket canada niagara falls

– Walk on Clifton Hill

Niagara falls ferris wheel clifton hill

– Ride the Ferris Wheel

– Lunch at Queen Victoria Place Restaurant (finger licking burgers)

queen victoria niagara fall burger summer

– Dinner at Antica Pizzeria & Ristorante


– Stay at Embassy Suites, Hilton, Marriott or any hotel that provides a falls-view room

(it makes a difference!)

niagara falls view canada pink shoes

Other fun activities:

– Journey Behind The Falls

– Hornblower Niagara Cruises

– Zipline to the falls

– Whirlpool Adventure Course

– Primal Swing

– Bungy Jump

– Skylon Tower

– Plan a day trip to Niagara-on-the-lake

So much to do! Such little time!!

Have you tried any of the above activities? Which is your favorite?

Have fun this summer!!

~ Jap

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Lessons I Learned!

Last month I had the opportunity to attend The Kit Connect Conference at the historical venue The Great Hall!! This place is so stunning; I still cannot get over it’s beauty!!

As soon as I walked through the grand wooden doors onto the red carpet with lights sparkling through the crystal chandeliers creating an energetic environment, I knew I was in for a sweet treat. I’m not only talking about the delicious flavors of sparkling water, coffee, tea, donuts, & muffins, but also the jam-packed agenda with secret tips from the amazing panelists:


Kimberley Newport-Mimran (Pink Tartan), Shiseido Team, Joanna Griffths (Knix), Dani Roche (Kastor & Pollux), Christine Faulaber (Faulhaber Communications), Lesley Hampton (Lesley Hampton The Label & Robust by Lesley Hampton), Emily Ramshaw (Bumble (Bizz)), Roger Gingerich (Fashion Group International – Toronto), Gillian Singerman (Creative Circle).

The panel was facilitated by the wonderful The Kit Team including Laura deCarufel (Editor-in-Chief), Katherine Lalancette (Beauty Director), Giorgina Bigioni (Publisher), and Caitlin Kenny (Digital Director).


Me, being my enthusiastic self, ran to get my seat in the second row (first row was reserved for panelists!).  I was ready to learn, connect, and take in as much as I can so I can share it all with YOU.

“Sharing Knowledge” was one of the key messages delivered at the conference, so here I am sharing the lessons I learned with you:

How to achieve your dreams?

Never Giving up

Resilience is key


Understand WHAT you want to ACHIEVE

Learn as much as you can

Make a to-do list

Be passionate

Get started

How to achieve balance in life?

Try to make everything work, instead of aiming for a perfect balance.  We are ambitious, we want to be leaders, we want to be successful, but at the same time, we want to be with our family, cook a great meal, attend children’s school events, and spend time with family and friends.  That’s a lot packed into our lives, so aim to make everything work, don’t aim to achieve every single item on your list.  Prioritize your tasks, and work out a balanced life!! A life that makes you happy!

How to get hired?

LinkedIn time-line must match your resume time-line

Positive attitude

Well rounded personality

Appropriate social media accounts

Be unique and proud of yourself


What are some key tips for a good resume?


Highlight key points & strenghts

Simple fonts, appropriate spacing, no spelling, and accurate content

Show progression on resume

1 page for every 10 years (1-2 pages maximum)

Include concrete numbers, company names, and deliverables

Save the resume file with your NAME

How to shine in an interview?

Do your research

Know about the company

Know the tasks required for your position

Go above and beyond

Offer your unique skills

Believe in yourself

What are some key interview questions?

What do you think the role entails?

What does the Company mean to you?

What is your day-to-day responsibility?

What would you do differently in your current role?

What are your long-term goals?

Where does this new role take you?

How to prepare for an interview?

Practice answering questions with a family member or a friend

Be confident

How to negotiate your salary?

Do your homework

Know the salary grid for the position

Explain the reason for your desired salary

Provide salary guides for the position

Practice negotiations with a friend

Add a clause in contract to review salary at the 6 month mark

How do you start building a business?

Build one piece at a time

Turn negatives into a positive

Every set-back is an opportunity

Learn from your mistakes

Learn from others mistakes

Work for something bigger than you

How do you fund a business?

Grants & subsidies

Create a budget

Reduce your overhead costs

Get creative

How do you build your network?

Volunteer with the organization

Do an internship

Join Facebook groups

Attend events and network with others

Go for a quick coffee

Be kind: a little kindness goes a long way!!

The panelists answered every question before I even had the chance to ask them!! The Kit team pretty much READ our minds, was extremely PREPARED, and delivered BENEFICIAL messages.

After the panel, we had the OPPORTUNITY to connect with the panelists and The Kit team.  It was a venue filled with passionate and energetic women trying to make their dreams a REALITY!! I’m so GRATEFUL for the opportunity to attend this conference, and to LEARN from & MEET so many INSPIRATIONAL women!!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail!! I would love you hear from you!!

~ Happy Learning ~



Dream Closets

Every time I visit one of my favorite stores, I always wonder if I could display my clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags in a similar fashion.  Of course I can, why not? I ordered myself a few items from Amazon, and organized my closet!! Love organizing, I found so many pieces that I had forgotten!! Now that I have my closet organized, I can actually wear everything I like, and give away anything I do not!! I’m sharing some of my closet organization tips with you:

#1: Sort by category: I sort my clothes by tops, skirts, dresses, jeans, cardigans, blazers, & other.

#2: Sort by Color & shades: I start with black, grey, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, brown, etc.

#3: Invest in Good Hangers: I use a uniform set of felt hangers so my clothes do not slip off and fall on the floor. The same hangers also give a very clean look to the closet.


#4: Fold chunky sweaters: I fold sweaters by size, largest at the bottom, to stack them on shelves for easy access.  (PS: you can spray paint the shelves any color!!)


#5: Categorize shoes: I use stack-able shoe boxes to save space and protect my shoes from dust.  Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” So go on, protect your shoes, wear them, and take over the world!!


#6: Organize Purses/Bags: I keep my designer bags in original packaging, or stuff them with bubble wrap, or dust bags to maintain their shape.


#7: Display Jewelry: I organize my jewelry in separate compartments for easy access and keep the jewels sparkling!!  It’s so easy to tangle your necklaces, mix up your earrings, and forget about those pieces at the bottom of the box.  These compartment boxes keep them all separately displayed.


How about a sunglasses organizer?

#8: Highlight Favorites: I showcase some of my favorite pieces on my dresser, or closet shelves for inspiration.  Some of these pieces are presents from special people in my life, and seeing them on display makes me happy!!


I hope these tips were helpful!!  How do you organize your closet?

Share your secrets and tips in the comments below!!

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A Very Good Morning!

A bunch of us were hanging out and the question about “What’s the first thing you do once you’re awake?” came up!!  A lot of people responded with “Check my phone!” or “Check my Instagram!! Obvi, what else would you do?!”

I don’t! Shocked?! Yup, that’s exactly how everyone else reacted! If I were to check my phone the first thing in the morning, I would be on my phone for a very long time, and probably not get out bed for the rest of the day! And there is no time to sleep-in when you’re trying to accomplish a million tasks in a day!! Here a few ways I learned to have an energized morning and a productive day:

Gratitude – set the tone for the day first thing in the morning with a little gratitude list in your head of all the wonderful things in your life!

Water – drink water (cold or warm with lemon) early in the morning to hydrate your body and skin for a fresher glow!

Workout – release those endorphins into your body early in the morning to trigger a positive attitude for the rest of the day!

Breakfast – eat a good breakfast filled with all the goodness to fuel your body for an energized day!

Prepare – decide on your breakfast, pick your outfit, pack your lunch, make a to-do list the night before to save decision making early in the morning! This will save you time in the morning, you won’t be running around looking for stuff or changing in and out of outfits, or trying to remember all the items to pack for lunch!! It’ll be an easy breezy smooth morning!!

Bed Sheets – sleep on comfortable bed sheets!! This makes all the difference in getting your beauty sleep.  I purchased the Bamboo Rayon bed sheets a few months ago, and absolutely LOVE them (not kidding at all!).  This is  honestly the softest and comfiest bed sheet set I’ve EVER owned.  Click the link below for more information!

How do you start your morning? Share your secrets in the comments below!!

Have a wonderful day!!


We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.