Brunch Lunch Dinner In New York

Everyone is always excited to visit New York, the Big Apple, the City of Dreams, the City of Fashion and the City of Lights. I’ve been to NYC a few times, and every trip has been as if I’m visiting for the very first time. There are so many things about New York that I love!! This time I had the opportunity to explore quite a few restaurants. Here are my favorite 5 that are a MUST visit (for the food, atmosphere, and of course Instagram posts).

1. ROSEMARY’S – We ate breakfast here, and then lunch the next day!! We pretty much wanted to come to this restaurant for every meal!! This restaurant is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, a family brunch, a date night, and everything else. This place is filled with friendly staff, delicious food, chic decor and positive vibes.





Dress: Gap (similar here and here) | Shoes: H&M (similar here and here)

2. Gallow Green – This restaurant is in the Mckittrick hotel located in Chelsea and has the most adorable rooftop patio with string lights, delectable food, and a unique atmosphere. Once you arrive at the restaurant, it’s quite an interesting experience from the entrance to the rooftop. This is a MUST do because of the mysterious entrance, cool vibes and delicious food!!



Top: H&M (Sold out, similar here) | Skirt: H&M

3. CLAUDETTE – This is a sister restaurant of Rosemary’s located in Greenwich Village. We went for brunch because the items on the menu sounded delicious, however, brunch is only served on the weekend. Nonetheless, this was a quaint little restaurant and we decided to have lunch instead. The service was exceptional, along with the food.





Top: Banana Republic (Sold out, another favorite here and here) | Jeans: H&M

4. THE STANDARD ROOFTOP – The views from this rooftop are breathtaking. We went to this rooftop at sunset for some drinks and relaxation. It has pretty pink and white couches with green tarp. It gets quite busy, but people are in and out because it only offers drinks and crepes. So, of course we had both.




Skirt: Gap

5. NARCISSA – We ate brunch at this hidden gem in NYC’s concrete jungle. It’s a beautiful patio offering a relaxing atmosphere with delectable brunch. In my cousin’s words “I HAD THE BEST AVOCADO TOAST HERE”. You can read more about this restaurant on her blog at @thenewcollective_



(Duck Hash with Sunny Side Up / Poached Egg with Avocado Toast)


(The best french toast EVER!)


Add these restaurants to the list for your next NYC trip and I’m sure you will enjoy them just as much as we did!!

Thank you for visiting!!


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