1st Trimester Q&A:

We started announcing our pregnancy to family and friends towards the end of 1st trimester/beginning of 2nd trimester. There were so many recurring questions that I think this post would have been useful at that time. Nonetheless, here are few of the questions I received, and my experience with first trimester.

Did you have morning sickness?

Although I was nauseous at times, but it was not as terrible as I expected it to be. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up, or eat, or drink anything. But I was totally fine. I paced my eating throughout the day with smaller snacks/meals, and drank lots and lots and lots of water. Eating salty meals and drinking Ginger-ale also helped!

Were you tired?

Tired? Even exhausted was an understatement. I wanted to sleep ALL THE TIME!! Those naps were the BEST!! So sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep. Because once you get to 3rd trimester, you will miss that sleep!!

Did you have any food cravings?

I did not have many food cravings other than croissants. They made me feel very good on those nauseous mornings!! My most favorite was my mom’s curry and rice. Other than that, not many food cravings, but I did have a few food aversions – avocado (which I absolutely love!), peanut butter & tomato sauce.

Did you change your diet?

I ate regularly and tried to continue eating healthy. I did increase my in-take of spinach and protein. I would add spinach to my eggs, pizza, pasta, and smoothies (spinach, milk & banana). I also ate oatmeal with sunflower seeds, nuts, coconut clusters, and a spoon of peanut butter. I also added good servings of berries, apples, pear, plums and oranges.

Did you avoid any foods?

  • Sushi/raw fish, which I wanted to have a lot of the time during my pregnancy.
  • Feta/soft cheeses, although majority of the cheeses are pasteurized in Canada, I was just being cautious.
  • Soft boiled/uncooked eggs, I think I overcooked the eggs a little.
  • Coffee/Tea, this was limited to 1 cup a day, or zero.
  • Steak, which had to be well cooked.

Did you gain any weight?

I started to notice my body changing towards the end of 18th week. We were flying for a friend’s wedding and the outfits I took started to feel tight, especially towards the end of the day. I actually had to unbutton the top of my skirt one night. Check out my tips and tricks to pregnancy style in the 1st trimester here.

What apps are you using?

My two favorite apps have been, The Bump and What to expect. It is so nice to follow along with the updates each week. Both of these have great articles that help you track your pregnancy. But remember, each pregnancy is different, these are only a guide.

Other useful tips that my mommy friends gave me:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins
  • Sleep, sleep and sleep
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Treat yourself once in a while
  • Enjoy the date nights
  • Self care is super important
  • Your body will change, embrace it

It is such a magical journey, enjoy every little moment of it!

Xo make it sparkle!

Oh Baby! – Baby Shower

Oh Baby! For our other baby shower, we went with a more Jap’s Sparkle theme with glitter balloons, gold hearts, and a balloon arch that my sister-in-law and I put together!!

Food: The shower was held around 1:00 PM, so we needed a good meal for our guests. We decided on Portuguese chicken, potatoes, roasted vegetables, rice, a cheese board, crackers, quinoa salad, Greek pasta salad, & Chicago mix popcorn on the side.

Desserts: I wanted to keep the cake simple, but delicious. We had a beautiful strawberry vanilla naked cake that I decorated myself with fresh baby’s-breath, a gold french macaron and white flowers (I wanted a mini rose, but couldn’t find one! So went with another baby flower!). We added baby macarons, baby rice krispies treats, baby cupcakes, mini oreas, mini biscotti, mini celebration cookies, & mini chips ahoy cookies. Can you tell the theme was “baby”?! Oh Baby!!

Beverages: The baby theme continues into the beverage station with mini pop cans, mini Perrier, & mini water bottles. We also had a tea/coffee station on the other side.

Set-up: The balloon garland was built by me. I ordered the pieces from Amazon and set it up. There were quite a few kids at the shower, so we got kids tables and chairs from @fun4ever.ca. I also ordered the gold/white plates, straws and napkins from Amazon.

Games: What’s a baby shower without games? This was a co-ed baby shower, so we played Family Feud – women vs. men. We won, obviously!!

  • Family Feud
  • Chug the bottle
  • Guess the popcorn in the jar

Outfit: I wore a velvet faux wrap dress (super comfortable!) with pleated sleeves and a pearl belt. I curled my hair and added pearl clips. Since I wore the pearl belt and pearl barrettes, I kept my jewelry simple with studs and a tiered necklace.

Linking all of my items below:

  • Balloon Pump
  • Balloon Arch
  • Confetti Balloons
  • Confetti Dishes
  • Oh Baby Banner/cupcake toppers/decorations
  • Gold thank you tags
  • Gold Straws
  • “And the story begins” Baby Shower Plates
  • “Oh Baby” Disposable Dishes
  • Confetti Table Cloth
  • Confetti Napkins
  • “Oh Baby” Napkins
  • Pearl Clips

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A Little Bundle of Joy – Baby Shower

My sister planned the most unique and gorgeous baby shower a mommy-to-be could dream of!! Every little detail was remarkable!

Since Baby Sparkle is due around Christmas, my sister went with a plaid theme with pops of fresh red roses, burlap runners, fresh baby succulents, and hints of sparkle (of course!). Here are a few of the highlights:

Favors: Fresh Succulents


  • Who is watching the baby?
  • Design and model a toilet paper bib
  • Chug the baby bottle
  • Grandmas vs. Aunties charades

Cake: Red Velvet Layer + Chocolate Layer by Mona Lad (Contact here)

Outfit: I wanted to go for a little bit of glam but not over the top – so as soon as I saw this dress with subtle hints of sparkle, I knew it was perfect!! Originally, I was planning on wearing this red sequin dress but I thought it was a little overboard.

Other options: this one and this one

My sister’s outfit – click here

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We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.

It was a wonderful time! Hope you enjoyed my post!!

Xo Make it Sparkle!!