A Little Bundle of Joy – Baby Shower

My sister planned the most unique and gorgeous baby shower a mommy-to-be could dream of!! Every little detail was remarkable!

Since Baby Sparkle is due around Christmas, my sister went with a plaid theme with pops of fresh red roses, burlap runners, fresh baby succulents, and hints of sparkle (of course!). Here are a few of the highlights:

Favors: Fresh Succulents


  • Who is watching the baby?
  • Design and model a toilet paper bib
  • Chug the baby bottle
  • Grandmas vs. Aunties charades

Cake: Red Velvet Layer + Chocolate Layer by Mona Lad (Contact here)

Outfit: I wanted to go for a little bit of glam but not over the top – so as soon as I saw this dress with subtle hints of sparkle, I knew it was perfect!! Originally, I was planning on wearing this red sequin dress but I thought it was a little overboard.

Other options: this one and this one

My sister’s outfit – click here

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It was a wonderful time! Hope you enjoyed my post!!

Xo Make it Sparkle!!

Pregnancy Style – Tips & Tricks

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!! But oh wait, you’re not ready to tell everyone yet, but whoops, there’s a cute little baby bump starting to pop out!! Here are a few of my tricks that worked really well for me to hide my baby bump well into 2nd trimester!!

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  1. Flowy A-line Dresses: These dresses are perfect for the first trimester. I wear this type of style on a regular basis, so it was easier for me to just continue wearing them. Plus I didn’t have to buy new clothes until way later in the pregnancy because my usual style worked well with the cute growing baby bump!

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2. Kimonos and Shirt-dresses: These two items and I were bffs during the 2nd trimester. Not only did the shirt-dresses function as dresses on their own, they were also great as cover-ups for other outfits. 2-in-1, count me in!! Click here to shop shirt-dresses!

Kimono over an a-line dress!
One shirt-dress styled 3 ways!

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3. Blazers: Oh how much I loved blazers!! They were a great addition once I hit my 2nd trimester and cooler weather. I styled them with a-line dresses (some were my summer dresses!), sweater dresses, bodycon dresses, and t-shirts with tights. Click here to shop blazers

Hope these tips and tricks will help you with your pregnancy style, but honestly, it is difficult to hide that glow and the sparkle in your eyes during pregnancy!! So don’t be alarmed if your friends/family start to catch on!!

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Let me know what other trips and tricks you used to dress up your cute baby bump!!

Xo Make it Sparkle!!

Fresh on Front!

“Fresh feels good. The original source of crave-able vegan food.” That’s the moto of the vegan restaurant on Front St. Downtown Toronto, a few minutes walk from Union Station.

I hang out with a bunch of foodies, so of course we had to try out this beautiful place (also because I saw a gorgeous picture of the interior on Instagram and I wanted to check it out!).

We ordered BBQ burger, Chipotle bacon burger, Quinoa onion rings, Buddha bowl, & the goddess bowl. The food was delicious and healthy!! The quinoa onion rings were my favorite!

If you are interested in trying some vegan food, give this restaurant a try!!

You are my Sunshine!

My sister and I attended one our sweetest friend’s baby shower. It was held in Brampton (all these gems of places in Brampton that I never knew about!!) at the Chinguacousy Park Ski Chalet. Click here for rental/booking application.

They had the cutest little snacks and decor & fun games!

Click on picture to purchase the item:

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Brunch All Day, Every Day!

I love brunch!! If you invite me for brunch, any time of the day, I will be there!! But it has to be good food, and a good place!! The other day I was sprinting to my meeting in Downtown Toronto and passed by this unique restaurant. It was PACKED inside with a line-up outside. So, obviously, it has to be good!!

As I quickly walked by it (because I had a meeting, otherwise, I would’ve walked right into it!!), I noticed the beautiful vintage frames, colorful tiles, and happy groups of people! I knew I had to try this place! A few days later, I did!!

The food, delectable! The place, beautiful! The atmosphere, fun! The vibe, vintage!! Should you check it out?! DEFINITELY YES!!

Oh, the restaurant’s name is Cafe Landwer!! You can check out their menu here! Leave me a comment or send me a message if you like it!!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (last minute!)

Mother’s Day is in 2 days!! Ahhhh!! I keep making a list of presents, and honestly, I don’t come to a conclusion until the day before. Then I’m always running around, trying to find the item I FINALLY decided on, and hoping I can get it in the store. I really need to make up my mind ahead of time (but TBH, I just work really well under pressure! Ha!).

Here are a few items on my list, and I’ll share the item I actually gave on Mother’s Day!!

  1. JewelryΒ  (click on the image to shop)

2 Mother's day 2019 Mother's day 2019


2. GiftΒ Baskets

4 Mother's Day 2019 3 Mother's day 2019


3. Natural Bag

6 Mother's Day 2019 5 Mother's Day 2019

4. Framed Family Collage (PS: I’ve gifted framed collages, & albums to my mom and she loved them every time!!)

5. Brunch Date

Hope these ideas were helpful!! I would love to hear your ideas!! Leave me a comment or send me a message!!


It was love at first bite with macarons!! Although, I also love the Italian Macaroons made with coconut, I’ve been wanting to try French Macarons at the famous French luxury bakery and sweets maker house LadurΓ©e at Yorkdale Shopping Centre for quite a while!

LadurΓ©e was founded in Paris in 1862. The recipe of macarons includes two sweet meringue-based biscuits made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and food coloring joined with ganache or jam filling in the middle. (okay, already drooling!)

LadurΓ©e at Yorkdale Shopping Centre also offers an exquisite Parisian high tea experience in it’s tea room with pink walls, gold accents and crystal chandeliers!! This place is perfect for a birthday high tea, a bridal shower, baby shower, mother’s day or even a tea date with your love!!

My review of the LadurΓ©e:

  • Service: 5 Stars – I was greeted by a sweet hostess and she was kind enough to let me choose my own table.
  • Tea Selection: 5 Stars – The menu included various types of teas, herbal and non-herbal. I actually had a difficult time selecting a tea and decided on Jasmine tea. “This tea takes you on a journey to the Far East, delivering a smooth and mysterious flavour. Our jasmine tea is a blend of Chinese green tea and freshly picked jasmine petals from the Yin Hao Garden – recognized for its incredible, exceptional quality.” ~ Menu
  • Macaron Selection: 5 Stars – Again, I had a tough time selecting the flavors because honestly, I wanted to try a whole dozen of them. I decided on two flavors that I hadn’t tried before; pistachio & salted caramel. Both were delectable!!
  • Order Placement: 5 Stars – Hostess brings your order on a beautiful silver tray and then arranges it on your table for the perfect Instagramable picture. No extra work required to re-arrange items!!
  • Restaurant: 5 Stars – This place is not only stunning from outside, but the inside is just as beautiful!!

LadurΓ©e is offering a special Mother’s Day Brunch & Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. Click on the links for Yorkdale location’s menu and pricing.

Let me know if you’ve tried LadurΓ©e in Canada, Paris or anywhere else!!

Thank you for visiting!!