Pearl Barrette: Talk of Instagram!

I have seen these barrettes all over Instagram and I love accessories!! So these new pearl clips are right down my alley!! I ordered the 15 pieces in the picture below and I cannot wait to style them!!

They’re from Amazon and on PRIME!! Click on image to shop:

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Are you a fan of hair accessories? Would you wear these clips?!


Shop similar outfits here! Or visit Shop Instagram.

We attended one of our sweetest friend’s baby shower at a beautiful venue in Downtown Brampton called Alderlea. I’ve linked similar outfits on “Shop Instagram” link on my website!! Scroll through this post to see some of the highlights from this baby shower!!

A 19th century 2 story mansion with a great room with floor-to-ceiling windows for table seating & entertainment. A lobby for buffet setup. A beautiful terrace facing Brampton’s very own Gage Park.

Some of the games played at the shower:

  • Design a toilette paper diaper: Select a model from your group to show your toilette paper diaper! (we selected our friend’s husband, he was a good sport!!)
  • Dress the baby: 4 men along with the Father-to-be competed in dressing a baby doll. The fastest and accurate won!
  • Guess the candies in the jar: closest number won!
  • Who can finish the juice in the baby bottle the fastest: 5 Couples competed where one person fed the baby bottle to the other.

Let me know if you’ve been to Alderlea or another similar venue!!

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It’s the little things that make life Awesome!!

I’ve sure you’ve heard the following quotes over and over again:

  • It’s the little things that matter the most;
  • Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things;
  • Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts;

So why is it that we forget the EVERYDAY good little things that happen in our life!! Let’s get this challenge started and make sure we appreciate & enjoy the little things in our life, you never know, one day they could be the biggest!!

A few of the awesome things…

A week filled with love, leading up to a long weekend!!


The weekend and warm weather after a long winter!! AWESOME!!


That time when you’re driving around the parking lot at a mall and suddenly the spot right next to the entrance opens up!! AWESOME!!


The day you get out of your comfort zone, try new things, and walk that runway like you own it!! AWESOME!!


Reminiscing about your old neighborhood, old house, old street, the friends and family always brings a smile to my face. But randomly ending up in that area, driving around it and stopping to look at all the familiar houses where you learned to roller-skate or ride your bike is AWESOME!!!


Counting down to spring weather, AWESOME!!!


Quarter tank gas left, you postpone filling up to the next day. Less than quarter thank, ah well, postpone to next day. Gas warning, oh yes, I think I can last another day. Gas needle almost at zero, living on the edge. Now questioning, what if my car stops in the middle? what if it doesn’t make it to the gas station? You tell yourself you will never let gas tank get this empty ever again. You make it to the pump, fill up, and turn on your car. That gas needle spinning back to full tank, AWESOME!!


That time you got a fresh haircut and you keep playing with you smooth, silky, styled hair!! AWESOME!!


You’re ready to head out, you jump onto the hwy and the traffic is bumper to bumper. But lucky you, you’re in the car with your BFF and you can hop into the carpool lane and zoom on by!! Carpool lanes, AWESOME!!


Being at the right place, at the right time is AWESOME!!




As I’m getting ready to catch my train, I realize I’m a few minutes late. And trust me, a few minutes late for the train matters when you’ve only planned to get there a few minutes early. I grab my black purse, slide on my boots, sprint out the door, beep beep into the car, and I’m driving. Of course, there’s traffic. Shifting to the right lane, shifting to left lane, stopping at red lights & accelerating through green lights. 10 minutes until train arrives! Left onto Main Street, Left onto Main Rd., Right into the Go Train station parking lot. The train is still not here. Park the car, jump out, & bolt to the platform. DELAYED 5 MINUTES. FIVE MINUTES!! The train is delayed. I smile, calmly walk to the platform, and take a deep breath in. I made my train! AWESOME!!


A weekend loaded with family events, dearest friends, delicious food & priceless memories is AWESOME!!


That first sip of your morning tea/coffee, AWESOME!!


Spending time with fun people and seeing things from their perspective, AWESOME!!


When you’re driving, and there’s a 16″ wheeler truck in every lane. You’re thinking, “WHY WHY WHY are there trucks in every lane? Shouldn’t these trucks be restricted to driving in one lane?”. And suddenly, it’s as if they heard you, the trucks in front of you change lanes leaving you a clear road ahead to get you to your final destination. AWESOME!!


Bumping into random people with beautiful personalities, AWESOME!!


When all lights are green on your way to your destination, AWESOME!!


Receiving mailed cards, presents, invitations or online orders, AWESOME!!


A week filled with many completed tasks, creative projects, fun events and meeting new people, AWESOME!!




Completing your goals, AWESOME!!

5 Must-Have Products For A Sparkly Clean Bathroom!!

Those soap scums on your bathtub/shower tiles, the stained grout, mirror stains, but I’ll stop right here before going further into bathroom dirtiness. No one wants to hear about the germs, or live with them.

Here are my top 5 products I use in the bathroom:

1.Long Handle Brush

No one prefers to bend, kneel or reach over to clean different areas of the bathtub. I purchased this long handle brush that makes it easy to reach tiles all over the bathtub and scrubs really well.

2.Bathtub & Sink Cleaner

Lemon scent stain cleaner & disinfectant is a good product to use on your bathtub. Plus this one does not contain abrasives which makes it safer to use.

3.Bathtub Tiles & Grout Cleaner

Those soap scums in your bathtub tiles and in the grout lines is so annoying. Right?! I only used soap for a while because I did not want to use any chemicals. Then I used a few products with chemicals. But the grout just seemed to get worse. Then I finally used this product and it worked! Follow the directions on the label and scrub with the brush in #1 and you will notice the difference.

4.Toilet Cleaner

This cleaner is a natural cleaning product that shines your toilet. I try to avoid a lot of chemicals, but still need a disinfectant. This a great alternative.

5. Mirror, Handles & Faucets

I want to disinfect but I don’t want to use many chemicals on these places. Especially handles & faucets as your hands touch them all the time. This natural alternative works really well. You can even mop using a 50/50 water solution.

The objective of cleaning is not to just clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment

~ Marie Kondo

I hope this blog post added a little sparkle to your life!! Thank you for visiting!!

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Best Item For Your Clogged Bathtub Drain!!

Does your bathtub drain get CLOGGED with hair?

Is it DISGUSTING to clean your clogged drains?

Is it HARD to clean your clogged bathtub drain?

Are you wishing there was an EASIER solution?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, and even if you didn’t, you NEED this product. I thought it was all a sham, as many products are online, but I’ve been using this product in my bathtub for over half a year now, and it is AMAZING!! In all honestly, I have never found an easier way to clean out the hair from the bathtub drain.

How does it work?

You insert the TubShroom into the drain and it catches all the hair. After your shower, take it out, wipe with a napkin, wash, and insert back in. No more Drano, or trying to find hangers to get that disgusting clogged drain cleaned. I kid you not, this product is really THAT good!! It works well for me, and hopefully it will make it easier for you as well. TubShroom is not paying me for this post. I personally tried this product for several months before sharing it with you all!!

Click here to purchase the TubShroom!!

Let me know your thoughts once you try it out!! You will love it!!

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Why I Switched To An Electrical Toothbrush:

Electrical toothbrush provides many more benefits than a manual toothbrush. You may ask “how? & why?”. Let’s check out the benefits:

  • Rotation oscillation removes more plaque & cleans more thoroughly in between teeth and gums.
  • The timer on the electrical toothbrush easily lets you optimize your brushing time.
  • Rotation helps you get into those tight spaces and between wires from braces.
  • Some brushes have sensor option to notify if you’re using too much pressure.
  • Easier to replace with new brush heads.

Click here for the brush

Click here for the replacement

Will you be switching to an electrical toothbrush or you already made the switch a long time ago?

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Organic Tea & Cocoa Powder

Oolong Tea: First time I drank Oolong tea was in China. It was either Oolong Tea or Jasmine Tea served at all restaurants. I became really curious about the benefits of Oolong Tea. After a little research, Oolong provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It may also help prevent diabetes, increase heart health, improve brain function & may protect against certain cancers. Click here to purchase tea.

Organic Cocoa Powder: I love chocolate milk, but every time I purchase it from restaurants, it is extremely sweet. Cocoa powder is great for improving mood by increasing blood flow to the brain & brain function. Consuming cocoa may also benefit your skin & teeth. Add it to your smoothies, bake brownies or stir up a hot chocolate!! Click here to purchase organic cocoa powder.

Tulsi Tea aka Holy Basil: I’ve heard about the tulsi herb having numerous benefits while I was growing up. My mom actually has a tulsi plant at her house and uses the leaves to make tea. I never drank it until David’s Tea started selling it. I looked further into the tulsi herb and it does have numerous benefits (maybe I should listen to my mom sometimes!). Tulsi helps reduce fever, relieve symptoms of respiratory disorders (asthma), reduces stress, improves dental care & prevents premature aging. It sounds magical!! Click here to purchase tea.

**Disclaimer: please perform your own research prior to using these products to ensure they are safe for you. **

Take care of your health, because health is wealth!!

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